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If you’re just beginning your career, “retirement” may be a concept that hardly ever crosses your mind. Maybe you’re part-way along, in your thirties or forties; maybe your parents are about at “retirement age,” and maybe you’re beginning to think about it as something that will inevitably happen for you, too. Or perhaps you aren’t that far away from 60, even 70, and retirement seems to be just around the corner... if only you can manage to stop working!

Equity-indexed universal life, also known as EIUL, allows you to earn investment interest based only on the upward movement of the stock market without any risk of losing your savings. As incredible as this might sound, the promises of EIUL are not empty. Insurance companies that offer these products make very specific guarantees, and the way that the product is designed makes it impossible for you to lose money when the market experiences a downturn.

Whether you've got 10 years until retirement or 30, now's the time to start your long-term financial planning for retirement. Why is financial planning so important? Even with social security benefits, most Americans will not be able to live on the monthly amount they receive when they retire. Inflation is sure to continue long after one retires, whether we plan for it not.

Planning for retirement is one of the most important things you will ever do. The decisions you make during your working years will have a profound impact on the rest of your life, determining your quality of life and even whether or not you can afford to retire at all.

That is why it is so important for all workers to assess the retirement options at their disposal and determine how to make the most of each opportunity. Unless you are one of the declining percentage of workers covered by a defined benefit pension plan, your retirement planning is completely in your hands.

Many people know what fixed and variable annuities are, especially when they are close to retiring. There are many employers that offer these as a package for their retirement, but there are more things investors can do. With target date income planning you can add to your annuity so you can get much more when you decide to retire out of your investments. There are many reasons why you should consider adding such an income rider onto your annuities.

In the recent years people have started using target date income planning for their annuities. It has become a way for retirees to guarantee they will not outlive their savings once they decide to retire. There are many reasons people choose them as they provide different benefits from just an amount you walk away with once you retire. Here is an explanation of how they work and why they work well.

Many people know the importance of setting financial goals for the future—especially for retirement—but are unsure of exactly how to accomplish those goals. It is often difficult for the average investor to find the right balance of safe and risky investments throughout the various stages of their lives. While there isn’t an exact formula to follow, here are a few tips for successful target date income planning.

Target date income planning refers to any type of investments that are made to produce income for a future point in time. While the term is most commonly applied to investments made for retirement, it can also refer to investments made for a specific event such as the matriculation of a college student.

People who achieve personal financial success don’t do so by accident. They aren’t using any secret formulas or hidden tricks to help them reach their financial goals. In fact, what they are actually doing is very simple. Everyone who has successfully managed their money, chosen wise investments, and retired with plenty of savings has done so because they created a savings plan and stuck to it. This is the one strategy that every financial success story has in common and what’s better, you can do it, too.

Everyone has financial goals that are important to them and to the kind of life they want to have. Maybe you are looking forward to getting a new car someday or finally moving into the home you’ve been dreaming of.