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It’s difficult to always stay on your Phoenix budget, especially with all the little expenses that show up or if you have an emergency that arises. It can be extremely damaging to even the best budgets. However if you notice that you are constantly going over your budget and not paying everything that is due, you may want to consider looking at your budget more closely. There could be several ways to update your expenses so you will be able to remain on your auto budget.

Those of you who are retired right now (and those soon to be retired) may be aggressively planning for your retirement yet are considering less aggressive options to help improve your retirement savings stability. This has led to a huge opportunity for financial advisors of all sorts (including stock brokers) to recommend fixed index annuities or hybrid annuities in order to give you an additional form of upside growth potential and create guaranteed income in the future.

Coming up on 9 years in this business, many of us have seen things that have never been seen before in our lifetimes. Sources show our government borrows better than .40 on every dollar spent, something that we cannot sustain as a country. The alarmists state we are heading to a double dip recession, something I do not fundamentally believe. The facts of the matter are that economic data, as it rolls in day after day, is much softer than anyone expected. The Consumer Price Index for inflation is showing slower third quarter growth and is estimated to be 2%.

Funny, or actually not so funny, I was reading about the latest unemployment figures for September and noticed that the payroll figures had increased by 103,000. Then as I continued to read, I noticed that the real figure was closer to 68,000. The reason was, 35,000 of those people, who were on strike at Verizon came back to work. Many economists believe we need to have 275,000 new payrolls each month in a thriving economy. Every month we do not hit that figure, it will grow the following month(s) to make up for what we have not achieved.

Lots of clients have been asking me about the debt issues that are sweeping across the European Union, (EU). In the last month, we've seen the resignation of the Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, after significant pressure from the other European Countries. Greece's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is about 5.8 Billion. Their debt ratio (External

I've been trying to keep this newsletter light and its been a challenge to say the least. The complexities of the E.U., United States and China are so intertwined, that this month's newsletter is dedicated to what is happening in China as a result of the economic conditions of both the United States and the E.U. First, there are many believers, including myself, that feel a recession is inevitable in Europe for 2012.

I wanted to wait this month and produce this newsletter after Standard and Poor's, (S&P) evaluated the ongoing debt issues that continue to plague the E.U. Over the weekend, I was offered the opportunity to speak at a financial services conference out on the West Coast. While I was there, S&P did precisely what I suspected they would do and systematically downgraded almost the entire E.U. There was a time last year when I thought the only way the E.U. was going to get out of this was to split the Eurozone and have more than one currency. This morning, I noted in McVean Weekly that the E.U.

So I'm sitting here composing the February 2012 newsletter and trying to decide what subject matter to focus on this month. As I read McVean Weekly, I note that the E.U. officially lapsed into recession the final quarter of 2011 and continues to decline through the month of January 2012. While I'm reading that, the 2013 budget is proposed and it's an astounding 3.8 Trillion, stacking up an additional 1 Trillion of additional debt. I was shell shocked when I saw it in the news. The scary part is that it received some press but overall the coverage was minimal.

It looks like is going to be an early Spring and considering we've had such a mild winter it comes as no surprise. I was in North Myrtle Beach this week visiting clients and on my way down it was nice to see some of the pear trees already in bloom.

It's Sunday evening and I've just finished watching Bubba Smith win the Masters Tournament. He is a humble man if I've ever seen one, God bless him. I'm sitting at my home office considering what to include in this months newsletter, and suddenly I'm rewarded with 60 minutes and the lead story; the European debt crisis. I had to go back to my November newsletter to find the last time we've discussed this because it seemed that I had written something about not every country being truthful about the debt issues. Guess what, it's true.