When it comes to retirement planning, we need not look any further than than slew of television and printed advertisements focused on the “target retirement date” to see that this popular approach (shared by so many financial advisors today) focusses way too much on the beginning of your retirement and not enough time is spent on planning for the stages of your “life” throughout retirement.

Protecting your investment is a natural instinct for anyone who puts money anywhere. Whether it is in a bank, at home under a mattress, or in some sort of stock, you want your money to be safe. Fixed index annuities offer the opportunity for people to not only protect their original investment in the annuity, but to also gain interest and offer a certain amount of protection in stock market gains as well.

Planning for your retirement can be a big job. You have to project your living expenses and figure out how you will maintain an income once you leave the work force. As you continue your planning, you may find that you want to invest your money as part of your financial strategy. If you do so, it may take some time to decide just what investments are right for you and which will benefit your retirement the most, as there are many available in today’s world.

Your old concepts of what retirement is supposed to be are gone. And there are no current paradigms that are working well. Retirees need to start to think outside the box if they want to ensure they will have an income for life.